Bogus hypocrisy alert

Some liberals are pushing the idea that Republican members of Congress who campaigned against Obamacare are being hypocrites by accepting the health care plan provided to them, as U.S. legislators, by the federal government. This notion is idiotic even by hack leftist standards.
Those who oppose Obamacare typically support the pre-Obamacare status quo, coupled with certain modifications, e.g., tort reform, the ability to purchase insurance across state laws, etc. Under that status quo, most people receive their health insurance through their employer (a phenomenon that, supposedly, need not change under Obamacare).
Thus, there is nothing hypocritical about favoring the pre-Obamacare status quo (or that status quo, “plus”) and accepting coverage from one’s employer. The fact that, in the case of members of Congress, the employer (the entity that provides compensation) happens to be the U.S. government makes no difference.
If a member opposed coverage for members of Congress, then it probably would be hypocritical for that member to accept coverage. So too, perhaps, if a member opposed a system under which, by and large, employers provide employees with health care. Otherwise, there is no hypocrisy.
Suppose the Dems passed legislation providing a guaranteed income to people who earn no money. Would it be hypocritical for members of Congress who want to repeal that legislation to accept their government-paid salaries? Of course not. By essentially the same reasoning, it is not hypocritical for congressmen who oppose Obamacare to accept the component of their compensation that provides them with health insurance.
If anyone in Congress should turn down health care coverage, it’s those who find it immoral for some people to receive health insurance through their employers, while others don’t get such insurance or are unemployed. This, in fact, is what leftist Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio did until Obamacare was passed. But even Obamacare leaves some folks uninsured, so Sen. Brown might still be accused of hypocrisy.


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