Better Late Than Never

Eric Holder says the Department of Justice is looking for someone to prosecute in connection with the Wikileaks leak:

“To the extent we can find anybody who was involved in the breaking of American law, who put at risk the assets and the people I have described, they will be held responsible; they will be held accountable,” Holder said at a news conference on another topic. He called the WikiLeaks probe “an active, ongoing criminal investigation.”

Good luck. Bradley Manning is already in custody. The New York Times is within DOJ’s jurisdiction, but don’t hold your breath waiting for charges to be brought. I have no idea whether Julian Assange can be extradited or not. But one wonders: where was the outrage when Wikileaks disseminated the much more damaging stolen documents relating to the Iraq and Afghan wars? In that case, lives were endangered. Is the difference that the Obama administration never felt responsible for those wars and therefore cared less about those leaks? If that isn’t the difference, what is?


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