Happy Birthday, Winston!

Today is Winston Churchill’s birthday. He is, of course, one of our heroes, and a relatively obscure Churchill quote–“Arise and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time”–is this site’s motto. We haven’t had time to write an appreciation of Churchill for this year’s birthday, but Dan Blatt did at Gay Patriot, so we will turn it over to him. Coincidentally, we first met Dan at the Claremont Institute’s Churchill Dinner in Los Angeles several years ago:

In 1940, upon taking the helm of the British government, he rallied a nation, fearful for its future, its survival even, after the swift defeat of its European allies as the Nazis & their allies enslaved nearly all of continental Europe.
Through it all, he never faltered, always held firm, believing that as dark as things appeared, the West would triumph, victory was on the horizon. He stood up to the naysayers of his day and stood strong against tyranny, defending Western civilization and the long English tradition of freedom under the law. He was a friend of the Jews and other then-oppressed peoples.

Read it all.


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