A word from Rudy Boschwitz

My friend and former United States Senator Rudy Boschwitz (1978-1991) writes about a story I meant to get to over the weekend:

I normally don’t send you news reports but Stuxnet is so fascinating and so important I want to be sure you haven’t missed it. When I learned of it several weeks ago I got a briefing and was told “it’s for real.” The article below is the most complete I’ve seen.
Iranian nuclear ambitions have been my biggest concern particularly because of EMP (electromagnetic pulse) (if you want an article about that, I can also send one).
I have thought that EMP left no alternative other than a pre-emptive attack, which would be quite destabilizing.
This super-duper cyber attack on Iranian nuclear facilities (which is way above my pay grade) may be an important and large part of the answer. It is truly remarkable.

The article Rudy refers to is the widely circulated Fox News report by Ed Barnes. The occasionally reliable DEBKAfile draws a connection between Stuxnet and the nuclear scientist killed in Iran earlier this week.


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