Fun In the Sun

Here in Minnesota, winter is off to a brutal start. It took me more than two hours to drive home from work tonight, through yet another winter storm.
It’s the same in Europe, where dozens have died in a storm that has blanketed much of the continent. Of course–watch for it!–some are blaming the bitter cold on global warming: “Are we freezing because of global warming?”
Last year at around this time, the United Nations’ annual global warming-fest was held in Copenhagen. The venue turned out to be an embarrassment to the alarmists, as blizzard conditions forced the cancellation of a number of events. This year, the U.N. didn’t take any chances: it scheduled its Framework Convention on Climate Change for Cancun.
It’s a big improvement. The U.N. delegates wouldn’t be able to have parties like this one in Europe or North America:

The tropics are nice for delegates, but also for demonstrators. Here, Sierra Club members impersonate countries with their heads in the sand. Hey, they should do that here–they could put their heads in the snow. But the rest of their day is no doubt more fun in Cancun:

These activists worked up a sweat hauling a giant bottle onto the beach, but don’t worry–they can cool off with a dip in the ocean:
Americans For Prosperity is covering the Cancun green-fest; you can check their site for updates. The good news is that many millions of people have caught on to the fact that global warming is scam, not science. As a result, the U.N.’s ability to do serious damage is limited. At Cancun, India, China and Japan have all made it clear that they have no intention of condemning their people to poverty (not the U.N. delegates, the other ones) in order to satisfy the demands of AGW superstition.
Speaking of superstition, it was fitting that the Cancun conference began with an invocation of the ancient Mayan jaguar goddess Ixchel. If you believe in the jaguar goddess, you’ll probably fall for global warming, too.