Those Who Fail To Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It, Unless We Can Stop Them

If human history has established beyond debate a single proposition, it is that entrusting management of a nation’s economy to its government is a bad idea. Government-managed economies consistently fail; worse, they are inherently tyrannical, as every decision is a political decision. It is difficult to understand, frankly, how any person of normal intelligence could want such a thing.
Yet, according to Scott Rasmussen’s latest survey, 27 percent of American adults say the government should manage the economy. Twenty-four percent say the government should stay out of the economy entirely, and the rest are in the middle. (Here is the full text of the relevant question: “What is the appropriate role of government in the economy? Should the government manage the economy, provide programs like unemployment insurance to help people through difficult times, or should the government stay out of economic decisions entirely?”)
Moreover, 42 percent of Democrats say the government should manage the economy entirely. No doubt this sheds light on how some Democrats can believe that the Obama administration is not far enough to the left.


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