A Spinal Tap Presidency?

I confess that Spinal Tap is one of the many popular movies I’ve never seen–along with The Godfather (all three), Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Citizen Kane and countless others–so I can’t judge Glenn Reynolds’ suggestion that Barack Obama most resembles Nigel Tufnel:

President Obama’s term so far has been compared to many fictional and non-fictional characters: Chauncey Gardener of “Being There” is frequently invoked, along with the self-invented charmer Don Draper from “Mad Men,” and of course there are the usual tiresome comparisons with Hitler that most presidents face these days.
But I have a different character in mind. The more I watch this administration at work, the more I think we’re seeing the first Nigel Tufnel presidency.

If wretched excess is the standard, then Spinal Tap may indeed be an apt comparison, although Dumb and Dumber also comes to mind.


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