Eric Lichtblau reports

In today’s New York Times, Eric Lichtblau and Eric Schmitt summarize the stolen State Department cables that reveal the continuing difficulties of the United States in shutting down “the money pipeline that finances terrorism.”
Readers with a long memory may note a gaping hole in the Lichtblau/Schmitt story. The story overlooks the role played by the New York Times and Eric Lichtblau himself in contributing to the difficulties the Times reports on. It was Lichtlbau and James Risen who blew the Treasury’s classified terrorist finance tracking program in June 2006.
We decried what the Times had done on the day it published that story and returned to it many times, as in John Hinderaker’s “Secret, not secret; secret, not secret.” Today it’s a secret again!
Via Seth Liebsohn, who wonders “if the New York Times’s disclosure of that classified program is in anyway responsible for, well, its own headline today.”


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