Obama’s base hates the tax deal

A poll conducted by Survey USA provides a sense of the left’s dismay at the tax deal President Obama agreed to. Survey USA polled 1,000 people who contributed time or money to the Obama presidential campaign. 74 percent strongly oppose the deal and 57 percent say they are less likely to contribute in 2012 to Democrats who support it.
To get a sense of the level of outrage, you can check out the comments about the poll that appear on the Democratic Underground. It looks like the Democratic left may, indeed, have to go back underground.
It tickles me to see the left this upset, especially with the man in whom it invested so much hope. However, the outrage may be more than just a source of amusement. It might fuel opposition to the deal on the part of enough Democratic members of Congress to prevent passage.
I don’t think anyone has a clear sense yet of how much Democratic opposition there ultimately will be.