Al Haig Gives A Press Conference

Well, it wasn’t quite like that, but Twitter is abuzz over Bill Clinton’s taking over for President Obama in the White House briefing room. Robert Gibbs held a press briefing earlier this afternoon, while Clinton was meeting with Obama, presumably to offer his advice on the tax compromise and how to deal with a Republican majority in the House. The Gibbs briefing ended, as I understand it, but reporters were called back and, to their surprise, both Obama and Clinton appeared.
The point was for Clinton to urge Democrats to support the tax deal. Oddly, Obama stayed for only a few moments and then left to join the White House Christmas party. You can see the video at Real Clear Politics. That left Clinton in sole possession of stage and the microphone–always dangerous. Having plugged the tax deal, he started taking questions from reporters. Rumor has it he answered more questions than Obama has at any time in his administration, including, I believe, one on Haiti. And, while he didn’t quite come off as Al Haig, he was very much in charge. The reporters appeared to welcome him back as though he had never left. The scene was, many are saying, surreal.
UPDATE: Almost forgot–along the way, Clinton referred to Charles Krauthammer as “a brilliant man.” I assume that was in the context of Krauthammer’s saying that the tax deal was great for the Democrats.