Terrorist Bombing In Stockholm

Two bombs went off in Stockholm today, on streets that were crowded with Christmas shoppers. The facts are unclear; one of the explosions apparently came from a car that was packed with gas canisters. From news accounts, it appears that the only fatality may have been a terrorist.
The explosions were preceded by one or more email messages to a Swedish news agency, in Arabic and Swedish, urging Mujahideen to rise up in Sweden and across Europe and commit mass murder. This is apparently one more in what has become a series of Christmas-related attacks.
UPDATE: Reuters has a little more information. It appears that a bomber blew himself up by accident:

Newspaper Aftonbladet quoted a source as saying that the man was carrying six pipebombs, of which only one exploded. He also had a rucksack full of nails and suspected explosive material, the newspaper said.

Ah yes, a rucksack full of nails to kill and maim those Christmas shoppers. What a pity that one of the pipe bombs apparently went off prematurely–one less adherent of the Religion of Peace, I guess. Here, a firefighter is putting out the fire in the car that was full of gas canisters:


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