Eleventh Avenue Freeze-Out

The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay is a funny sportswriter who plies his trade in the Wall Street Journal, of all places. Gay has a good column on the non-metaphorical roof that caved in on the Vikings yesterday. The Vikings’ previously scheduled home game with the Giants at the Metrodome was postponed and rescheduled for Ford Field tonight in Detroit. According to Gay, Brett Favre and karma seem to have something to do with it all. Gay observes:

The Metrodome’s collapse feels like a cosmic punishment for building that freaky sports marshmallow in the first place. There’s something wrong about postponing a Minnesota football game because of snow–it’s like calling off a Neil Young show because of sweet, pungent smoke. How strange it was to watch the Bears and the Patriots play football in a winter storm on Sunday (well, at least the Patriots played football; the Bears hibernated as New England rolled, 36-7) while a cold-weather sports mecca like Minnesota sat dormant. You shouldn’t be able to cancel anything for weather in a state where people voluntarily ice fish.

As you might infer from this paragraph, Gay’s column is pretty much funny all the way through. We can use the laughter. It might help keep us warm today.


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