Dartblog carries on the fight against Dartrot

My post about Dartmouth’s pseudo-turnaround has produced quite a few responses from alumni. I expect to be writing more about the College soon. But the best source by far for ongoing discussion of issues like the ones I raised, and a great source for everything else Dartmouth, is Dartblog.
Earlier this year, its proprietor, Joe Asch, turned his attention away from Dartmouth for the kinds of reasons that, I argued yesterday, make it rational to do so. Fortunately, Joe reconsidered.
Although he has returned to Paris, Joe has great sources in Hanover and, of course, an eagle eye when it comes to college financial statements, staffing reports, etc. The only difference between the “Paris edition” of Dartblog and its Hanover predecessor is that occasionally Joe spices up the blog with wonderful glimpses of the City of Light.


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