Barack Obama’s Department of Selective Justice

We are a few days late, but it is worth noting this editorial by Investors Business Daily on the Obama Justice Department’s selective enforcement of the laws:

On Monday, Justice sued an Illinois school district for rejecting a Muslim teacher’s request to take a three-week leave of absence to travel to Mecca. The suit claims that the Berkeley School District discriminated against middle-school instructor Safoorah Khan, whose religion “required” her to perform the hajj, and is seeking damages for this so-called victim.
But it’s not stopping there. It seeks an order mandating school officials adopt policies accommodating all Muslim customs, no matter how unreasonable.

The vast majority of Muslims never make it to Mecca on their own time, let alone their employers’. The lawsuit in which DOJ joined strikes me as another instance of “lawfare,” in which radical Muslims, probably associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, are trying to carve out ever-growing spaces in which Sharia becomes the law of the land.

Attorney General Eric Holder is fulfilling a promise to pander to the special interests of Muslims. In June 2009, he pledged “a new beginning between the United States and the Muslim community” that includes “robust enforcement” of “religious freedoms.”
“We are committed to using criminal and civil rights laws to protect Muslim Americans” in the workplace, housing market and schools, he said, adding that he was making it “a top priority.”
Earlier this month, Holder spoke in San Francisco at the annual dinner of an anti-FBI group called the Muslim Advocates, whom he described as “partners in our work to promote tolerance.”
He told Muslims gathered there that all 94 U.S. attorney’s offices were partnering with the department’s Civil Rights Division to act as “force multipliers” in helping to protect the Muslim community. He informed them that he’d brought a third of the nation’s U.S. attorneys to Washington for an unprecedented meeting to work on being more “sensitive” toward Muslims.
“Last year,” moreover, “I established an Arab-American and Muslim Engagement Advisory Group to help identify more effective ways for the Justice Department to foster greater communication and collaboration — as well as a new level of respect and understanding — between law enforcement and Muslim and Arab-American communities,” Holder said.

“Equal justice under law” is an ideal to which the Obama administration does not aspire. Rather, as the most divisive administration in memory, it has friends, and it has enemies. Its thumb is always on the scale, one way or another.