What price Qatar? Part Two

Reader David G, who has attended a World Cup abroad and who has spent time in Qatar, is even more appalled by the decision to hold the 2022 Cup there than I am. He writes:

I attended the 2002 World Cup in South Korea while serving in the US Navy and stationed in Japan. I’ve also spent more time than I care to think about in the Middle East and the UAE.
Holding the Cup in Qatar is insane. It’s easily the most conservative of the Emirates. Holding the Cup there will be like putting on a very wild bachelor party in a cloistered convent. To say that there’s literally not a single damn thing to do, entertainment wise, is a gross understatement. . .I can’t imagine an event that required the distribution of millions of condoms in South Africa being held in Qatar. . .What in the hell were these people thinking when they picked Qatar?

My guess is that they were thinking about lining their pockets and thumbing their nose at the United States. Like any self-respecting international bureaucracy.


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