Abolish the FCC

It’s hard to keep up with the outrages perpetrated by the Obama administration, the lame duck Congress, and the Obamaite federal agencies. Our freedom is under assault on many fronts, but this one deserves special attention.
Since Congress declined to adopt the Orwellian “net neutrality” legislation, the FCC stepped into the breach. It’s another example of the usurpation of constitutional government by the administrative state.
John Fund calls out the FCC in “The net neutrality coup,” and David Harsyani proposes that we “Abolish the FCC.” Michelle Malkin holds that net neutrality is the Obamacare of the Web. Senator DeMint is not amused.
Richard Epstein applies the law-and-economics perspective to the underlying issue of policy. Professor Epstein concludes that the “operation [of the Internet] is too important to be left to the FCC, whose record of consistent failure in regulation starts with its control over radio in 1912 and continues to this present day. The rise of an alternative technology is the best way to break the current FCC monopoly. Unfortunately, the FCC knows that as well, which is why it won’t stay on the sideline.”