Attacked By A Turkey

No, not a left-wing blogger, a real wild turkey. We drove to South Dakota yesterday and saw a flock of several dozen turkeys in a wood. Then one in town nearly ran into our car:
Wild turkeys are one of many species that have become weirdly plentiful, even in urban and suburban areas, in recent years.
UPDATE: Our friend Evan Coyne Maloney writes:

There’s a wild turkey that roams around Battery Park in lower Manhattan, between the Staten Island Ferry terminal and the crowds who wait in hours-long lines to visit the Statue of Liberty. Just blocks from Wall Street, the Stock Exchange, Ground Zero, the steps of Federal Hall where George Washington was sworn in, and the gravesite of Alexander Hamilton, this turkey seems quite content in the bustling city. Perhaps he’s one of the few remaining descendants of colonial-era Manhattan turkeys.

Could be, but I’ll bet he is one of the descendants of the much more recent stocking of various rural areas around the country with wild turkeys. Evan sends this great photo of the Battery Park turkey:


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