Anybody but Steele

Next month, the Republican National Committee will elect its chairman. According to Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, the three front-runners are Reince Priebus, state party chairman in Wisconsin; Saul Anuzis, former state party chairman in Michigan; and Ann Wagner, former state party chair in Missouri.
Priebus can point to Republican electoral successes in Wisconsin this year. Anuzis, who also ran two years ago, is said to have expertise that would help Republicans close their technology gap with Democrats. Wagner has been praised for her fundraising ability. She also has prior RNC experience, having served as co-chair of the committee in the early days of the Bush administration.
The key thing, as far as I’m concerned, is that Michael Steele not be re-elected. Cillizza doesn’t like Steele’s prospects. Neither does Ben Smith of Politco, who reports on an “anybody but Steele” campaign within the committee.
I’m confident that the RNC’s voting members will select a capable chairman, provided they don’t let extraneous considerations like race enter into the decision, as I believe they did last time in electing Steele .


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