My Kind of Conservative

I’m a big tent conservative, and I think that economic, national security and social conservatism go together like ham, eggs and hash browns. So when I see ostensible conservatives whose first priority is to attack or distance themselves from fellow conservatives, I am not impressed. Recently, there has been controversy over this year’s CPAC, because certain social conservative groups have withdrawn from the event rather than share it with GOProud, a group of gay conservatives. Consistent with my general approach to these matters, my instinctive sympathies were with GOProud.
But that was before I saw Chris Barron, the Chairman of GOProud, on the Democratic Party’s house TV network, MSNBC. The goofball liberal host trots out the usual anti-Republican talking points, and Barron shuts him down cold. These are my words, not Barron’s, but liberalism is all about screwing certain people so that others can enjoy a windfall, and trying to cobble together an electoral majority out of that corruption. Conservatism, on the other hand, is all about building a better society for everyone. That is the message that comes through from Barron’s interview.

If Barron speaks for GOProud, as I assume he does, they are a welcome and potentially powerful part of our conservative movement.


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