Just For Fun

I’m home tonight, supervising a New Year’s Eve party with a group of 14-year-old girls. Since they do not require my constant presence–to put it mildly–there is plenty of time to surf the web. I came across this video at the Sun. It isn’t embeddable, so you have to follow the link to watch it; this is a screen shot:
The video is of a guy named Jeb Corliss, who flies while wearing a bat suit. I haven’t quite figured out how he does it, but he is for real. The miracle is that he is still alive. The Sun video includes an interview with Corliss. This video, from YouTube, isn’t quite is good but is still pretty remarkable. It includes a little of the Switzerland footage near the end:

Corliss is one of those outliers who may or may not be crazy, but who push the envelope of human experience in a way that generally winds up benefiting us all.


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