Ten underreported stories of 2010, plus one

Dana Loesch performs a public service in compiling a list of the 10 most underreported stories of 2010. Her list is full of smart commentary and good links. I think that in one way or another we’ve gotten to almost all of the stories that Loesh lists, though I think we have failed to get up to speed on the Pigford story in any of its several manifestations.
Loesh comments: “You won’t see the stories [on her list] in the pages of the NYT or on the screens of NBC. You won’t hear them discussed at the water cooler. They’re the stories that show without any doubt the cards held by those who wish to enslave the masses to the god of government.”
I think that Loesch misses one story that belongs high up on her list. It is a story that, like the others she compiles, was chronicled on one or the other of Andrew Breitbart’s Big sites over the past year. I refer to the exposure of the “Tea party protesters scream ‘nigger’ at black congressmen” story as a vicious con job.
Breitbart did not merely chronicle the story. He played the indispensable role in demonstrating that the story, reaching to the top ranks of the Democratic congressional leadership, was a falsehood calculated to defame the resistance to Obamacare as — what else? — racist. Breitbart performed the difficult task of proving the negative with something like metaphysical certainty. If Pulitzer Prizes were handed out on the merits, Breitbart would be packing up to collect his this year.
It is a story that we kept at over the 18 parts of our “Don’t leave it to Cleaver” series. And it is a story that is of continuing relevance in understanding the critical challenges we face in the coming years.
UPDATE: I am pleased to report that Dana Loesch concurs.