A disgrace to nuts everwhere

The race is on to place Jared Loughner among conservatives and attribute responsibility for yesterday’s murders to the political opponents of President Obama. It is a handy device to stifle resistance to the left. As you might expect — see, e.g., “Don’t Leave it to Cleaver: Last call” — the folks at McClatchy News have pulled out all the stops. Fox News Sunday even hauled out Rep. James Clyburn, a cog in the wheel of the “Tea party protesters scream ‘nigger’ at black congressmen” lie, to play his accustomed role.
The evidence doesn’t quite fit the first prong of the syllogism. More than anything else, Loughner appears to be victim of severe mental derangement. He appears to belong to the free floating assembly of nuts that inhabits a big country. Loughner is a disgrace to nuts everywhere, but I doubt that is a message we’ll be hearing much of from other anyone other than the attorneys who end up defending him.
Byron York puts it this way: “Journalists urged caution after Ft. Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shootings.” Greg Farrell, a Power Line reader and close student of the left, puts it this way:

The murders yesterday in Arizona were a despicable act of murder and hopefully the gunman and accomplices if any will be executed after a trial without delay. All condolences go out to the families of the deceased and the wounded. With that being said, a line must be drawn in the sand hard and fast against the slew of irresponsible journalists and left-wing political activists, in the rare case the two are different, and their attempts to pin blame on conservative Americans who advocate for the role of a smaller government.
The party of ELF, ACORN, ECO-TERRORISTS, THE BLACK PANTHERS, THE NEW BLACK PANTHERS, THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND, THE WINTER SOLDIERS, MUMIA ABU-JAMAL and his supporters, CAIR, LAMONT HILL, VAN JONES, SAUL ALINSKY, CODE PINK , RASHID KHALIDI , REV WRIGHT, BERNARDINE DOHRN the cop killing wife of Obama confidant, proud domestic terrorist, cop killer accomplice BILL AYERS whose hero SIRHAN SIRHAN assassinated Robert Kennedy, must never get away with trying to blame a senseless isolated act of violence against an entire political group or advocates for a political group such as the Tea Party, Glenn Beck and/or Rush Limbaugh.
This incident should not be turned into a political issue. That is the lecture we get from left-wing advocates every time an Islamic terrorist or left-wing soldier with obvious political connections commits or attempts to commit an act of murder, violence and/or terrorism. But right on cue, the first chance the radical left has to become hypocritical while constantly lecturing the majority of America not to jump to conclusions in most other incidents, left-wing soldiers in the media and in the national spotlight (again in the rare case that there is a difference) are out there putting the blame on conservative personalities and political parties.
With more of an eagerness to make false political points to stir up anger against the Tea Party rather than reporting the story and showing respect for this tragedy, soldiers such as Paul Krugman of the NY TIMES, are already out there demanding people like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party be held to account. This can not and will not go unchallenged this time.
Although we really have no power to control what they say or write or desire it like the radical left wants with the fairness doctrine or an overreaching FCC, we do have the power of response and must [respond]. If the party of “GET IN THEIR FACES” want to try to spin this into a conservative vs liberal incident they must be met with fierce intellectual resistance.
For over a year now the radical left and the media (again in the rare case that there is a difference) have been trying to lay the foundation of belief that the Tea Party and its advocates are racists, violent, and a threat to the nation. With the constant bombardment of false allegations, trumped up charges and flat out made up stories of racist chants and violence which ironically have been found many times on the left and ignored by the leftwing media this is the type of incident they need to connect to their false template.
Starting with their emails, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, people like Paul Krugman must be relentlessly bombarded with emails and posts confronting their false accusations….The network switchboards of any news division that tries to link this incident to the Tea Party of conservative personalities should be bombarded with emails and phone calls in opposition. It is the left that is turning this into a political issue with the hope of sparking a national crisis.

And Rick Moran asks: “Is Daily Kos to blame for Gifford attack?” Rick’s report features a screen capture of a post Kos dispatched to the memory hole yesterday as soon as it became inconvenient.
UPDATE: Jennifer Rubin elaborates some related points.

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