Democrats Foiled Again?

So far, at least, my prediction that the Democrats’ effort to exploit the Tucson murders for political gain will fail seems to be accurate. A CBS News poll released this morning finds that by a 57-32 percent margin, respondents don’t believe that the nation’s “harsh political tone” had anything to do with the murders. While some of those 32 percent are undoubtedly Democrats who feel obliged to back up their party’s line when talking to pollsters, even most Democrats–49 to 42 percent–don’t support the Left’s spin. Independents reject the claim that a “harsh political tone” had anything to do with the Tucson shootings by 56-33 percent.
Often polls get better for Democrats over time, as citizens’ common sense is worn down by repetition in the media, but I don’t think that will happen here. As people learn more about Jared Loughner, it will become ever more apparent that political debate had nothing to do with his crime.