Support the Alternatives

If you are disgusted with the Democratic Party media–and how could you not be?–you should support the alternatives. One of the best is Pajamas Media. Founded in 2005 and run–I use the word loosely–by CEO Roger Simon, Pajamas Media features many of the best journalists and commentators now working. Most of them are our friends, and we have collaborated with them on a number of projects. PJTV is the video arm of Pajamas Media and is the source, in my opinion, of much of the best video now being created. One of PJTV’s shows is Trifecta, featuring Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle. Today, the Trifecta gang went after the corrupt Democratic Party media and its effort to make political hay out of the Tucson shootings:

Also, check out The Tatler, PJ’s group blog, featuring contributions by Glenn Reynolds, Roger Simon, Michael Ledeen and many more.
It is easy to see that “news” organizations like Paul Krugman’s New York Times are utterly bankrupt–in many cases, literally. It is up to us to support, and thereby help to bring into being, news organizations that will better serve us and our country in the future.


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