Epic Fail

This Quinnipiac poll provides more evidence that hardly anyone buys the Democratic Party’s spin on the Tucson murders. When asked “What do you think is the main reason for the Arizona shooting; failure of the mental health system, lax gun control laws, overheated political rhetoric, or do you think this is a situation that could not have been prevented?” respondents answered:
* Mental health system: 23%
* Gun control laws: 9%
* Political rhetoric: 15%
* Couldn’t have been prevented: 40%
* Don’t know/no answer: 14%
If a large asteroid struck the earth, those 15 percent are the ones who would say it was Sarah Palin’s fault.
Better yet, perhaps, is this finding: Poll respondents were asked, “Who do you think is more responsible for using heated political rhetoric, liberals or conservatives?” The answers were:
* Liberals: 36%
* Conservatives: 32%
* Don’t know/no answer: 32%
This wasn’t how the Democrats planned it. It makes you wonder where all those people are getting their news.
The order of the day is unity. We are looking for propositions on which all sides can come together. How about this one: can we all agree that Paul Krugman is the least influential columnist in America?


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