In which the AP toes the line

Until this month, Democrats have controlled at least one of the houses of the Minnesota state legislature since the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. In November, however, Republicans won control of both houses, even while voters narrowly elected a Democratic governor for the first time in a generation. We’re in a period of adjustment.
The state is confronting a fiscal crunch. Republican legislators are pushing a bill to cut the workforce of state employees by 15 percent. The AP presents the bill as a betrayal, or even a paradox: “Republicans took over the Minnesota Legislature promising to create jobs. On Wednesday, they pushed forward a bill that would slim state government by cutting roughly 5,000 state employee positions.”
The bill attempts to address the state’s fiscal straits. It betrays no promise to support increased employment. Republicans did not support the expansion of state government, which to a substantial extent represents a burden on employers and employment growth in the private sector. In this sense the AP’s paradox is only seeming. I should think someone at the AP might be embarrassed to be toeing the Democratic Party line so obviously, and so cluelessly.


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