A salute to Senator Lieberman

After Senator Joe Lieberman announced yesterday that his current Senate term would be his last, Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matthew Brooks responded by lauding the Senator’s accomplishments and expressing gratitude for friendship across the political aisle:

Senator Lieberman is a true mensch and a great American. He showed that it’s possible to have a successful political career while doing what you feel is right – even when what’s right is not what’s in your political best interests. Time and again, Senator Lieberman put principle over politics. He was a role model and a shining example of all that’s good and decent about public service.
He’s been called the last of the Scoop Jackson Democrats, but he is one of a kind and irreplaceable. We’ll dearly miss his friendship – and the leadership he showed through more than two decades in the Senate.

A friend and fellow RJC member wrote yesterday to comment: “A classy statement. And not to be uncivil, but when was the last time, I wonder, when a Democrat group, paid tribute to a retiring Republican?”


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