Give me liberty or give me Leach!

The Obama administration’s National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman Jim Leach is a piece of work. He announced in November 2009 that he was undertaking a 50-state “civility tour” in his capacity as chairman. Who does this guy think he is? Not even Bruce Springsteen does 50-state tours, but then again Springsteen has to pay his own way. Leach draws on the NEH’s approximately $160 million budget to perform his shtick.
If Leach has taught us anything, it is how the left can use the theme of civility to stigmatize political opponents as racist and, well, un-American. In his speeches Leach opines at Castroite length on politics, civility, the Supreme Court, and just about everything but the humanities. Unlike any previous chairman of the NEH, Democrat or Republican, Leach is turning the NEH into a political soapbox.
Leach has asserted that “appeals to the irrational fears of citizens can inflame hate and sometimes impel violence.” True enough, but if his speeches have so far generated nothing more than a surefire cure for insomnia, we must be a highly resistant people.
Leach fits naturally into the left’s Tucson strategy. Leach turns up in connection with Tucson here (Politics Daily) and here (Des Moines Register).
The Register paraphrases Leach to the effect “that the violent messages and hate words on some talk shows are one reason some disturbed people take drastic action.” Chairman Jim, here is a trick question for you. Can you name those people?
It’s time for the House to take drastic action of its own and defund the NEH. Give me liberty or give me Leach!


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