Whole Lotta Dumb

Jimmy Page is the former Led Zepellin guitarist (Robert Plant was the Led Zep vocalist) — and he didn’t say much during his visit to Cuba — so we can only say “shut up and sing” metaphorically. In any event, Humberto Fontova says all that needs to be said far more eloquently in his Big Peace post “Whole Lotta Stupidity: Jimmy Page visits Cuba, honors Che Guevara.”
Fontova quotes a story from “Castro’s captive (literally!) media” reporting that Page’s visit “included tours of historic sites, and purchases of souvenirs such as the famous photograph of Che Guevara.” Fontova concludes on this discordant note: “Today the world’s largest image of Jimmy Page’s souvenir icon adorns Cuba’s headquarters for Cuba’s KGB-trained secret police, a gang of Communist sadists who jailed and tortured at a rate higher than Stalin’s own KGB and GRU–and many of their victims were guilty of nothing worse than listening to music by Jimmy Page.”
Jay Nordlinger, call your office.


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