Can Government Make You Buy A Gun?

Ann Coulter and others have argued that if Obamacare is constitutional, the government can make every inhabitant buy a firearm. The lawyers who are defending Obamacare respond that health care issues are “unique.” (But why?) In South Dakota, the debate is moving beyond the theoretical, as five legislators have introduced a bill that would require all residents of that state to own a gun “suitable to their temperament, physical capacity, and preference.” The bill excludes those who are legally barred from owning firearms and gives the citizenry six months to comply with the statute.
Of course, in South Dakota, requiring people to own firearms is about like making them own a pair of shoes–pretty much everybody already has one. And the bill’s sponsors spoil the fun somewhat by admitting that they are just trying to make a point. Nevertheless, for legislators and citizens to debate the proper scope of government power is a good thing. Maybe one of these days liberals will begin stating their real position, openly: that is, that everything that is not prohibited by one of the amendments to the Constitution falls within the ambit of federal power.


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