If You’re Looking For Something To Worry About…

…try this: the Earth’s northern magnetic pole is speeding to the East at an accelerating rate, and the North and South magnetic poles may be about to change places.
UPDATE: A reader writes:

The “massive global superstorms” article you linked is a product of either dishonesty or abysmal stupidity; the author confuses geomagnetic storms with storms as in weather (rain, snow, wind, etc.). I guess dishonesty, since I find it hard to believe that a literate person with a decent history of reading newspapers, magazines, etc. could honestly confuse them.
Of course, the magnetic poles probably are in the process of reversing. This has been known for quite some time. Of course, there may be some connection between the earth’s magnetic field and weather (as opposed to “space weather”). Probably there is. But this falls far, far short of what the article claims.

Well, that’s a relief. Does this mean we can go back to worrying about Egypt?
FURTHER UPDATE: Here is a more sober, less alarmist account that suggests we have nothing to fear from a reversal in the poles. Of course, given that we haven’t had one for hundreds of thousands of years, there is an element of speculation here.
Just to be clear, I am not endorsing this or any other Doomsday theory. Such alarms have a consistent history of turning out to be false. The problem, for those who tend to worry, is that only one Doomsday scenario has to turn out to be true for us to be in big trouble.