Re: If You’re Looking for Something to Worry About

I’ve been following the story John notices below about the slippage and possible reversal of the magnetic poles for a while now, and expecting that it would soon burst out into the open as the next big apocalyptic scare for the enviro-left, and as justification for–wait for it–extending more political power over people and resources. With the slow collapse of the climate campaign, the enviro-left needs a new cause. This could be it. It is true, apparently, that if the polar magnetic fields collapsed all of a sudden, or reversed polarity in an instant, it would be close to game over for humans on the planet. And apparently it has happened before in earth’s long history.
The only thing missing at the moment is some kind of human causation to explain what is going on, but I am sure our inventive politicized scientists will come up with something. I expect it will be something along the lines of how the growing global electricity grid, along with 50,000 daily airplane flights, is “confusing” the planet’s magnetic field. This is not too far advanced from the junk science claiming that electromagnetism from high voltage power lines causes cancer. The media has frequently advanced this story, even though all the evidence contradicts it.
Think of it–an issue even better than global warming, because it would require shutting down nearly all of industrial civilization entirely, and returning us to the 17th century. Even windmills and solar panels couldn’t save us. Just as a start, anything called “Power Line” would have to cease, obviously.


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