At Obama’s Department of Justice, It Is Politics First

The Department of Justice under Barack Obama and Eric Holder has been politicized to an alarming degree, as we have noted on many occasions. Today Chris Adams at Pajamas Media revealed another bombshell: the DOJ is systematically discriminating against “unfriendly” sources in responding (or not responding) to requests under the Freedom of Information Act. Adams spells out the pattern in specific detail; here is the conclusion:

Eric Holder’s Justice Department has even politicized compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. According to documents I have obtained, FOIA requests from liberals or politically connected civil rights groups are often given same day turn-around by the DOJ. But requests from conservatives or Republicans face long delays, if they are fulfilled at all.

At Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, it is politics, not justice, that comes first. The House Judiciary Committee should look into this.


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