Republicans, Take A Lesson From New York

Those are words I never thought I’d write. But Governor Andrew Cuomo has taken a hard line on that state’s budget crisis, and the New York Post headlines that Cuomo now has a 77 percent approval rating, the highest yet recorded by the Siena poll for a Governor of New York. The Post, which might be expected to know better, writes:

Gov. Cuomo is backed by an astronomical 77 percent of New York voters, despite a rancid economy and a cut-to-the-bone state budget plan that could lead to 10,000 state workers being laid off, a new poll out this morning shows.

Despite?! No! it is precisely because Cuomo has proposed what voters perceive as a “cut-to-the-bone state budget plan” that includes laying off state employees that 77 percent are backing him. The time is right for Republicans to confront demagoguery head-on. Voters understand that we are facing a fiscal crisis, and that the Democrats in Washington have no intention of doing anything about it.


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