Goal of the Decade?

As the tenuous occupant of the Paul Mirengoff Chair in Advanced Power Line Athletic Studies, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring the attention of Power Line readers to what is being called, by some, the “goal of the decade,” a bicycle kick for a goal (alas, against Manchester United) by Wayne Rooney, who, from the various YouTube videos of his exploits over many seasons, appears to be a contender for the title of the Michael Jordan of soccer. For some reason the embed codes for the video have been disabled, so you have to go to this old fashioned link to see it. Even this “soccer skeptic” (“soccer denialist”??) is impressed and admits to a thrill at seeing this feat (heh).
SCOTT adds: Jason Gay explores the thrill of da feat in the Wall Street Journal column “A global moment that needs no translation.” Gay writes: “When you see it, you don’t need to be a soccer fan to appreciate what Wayne Rooney did on the second Saturday of February. Because when the ball connects with Mr. Rooney’s spiraling foot and does the spectacular and improbable, anyone can recognize the feeling in the frame, the emotion that keeps us coming back to sports despite its many excesses and aggravations: Joy.”
JOHN adds: To paraphrase MacArthur, he shall return. In the meantime, Steve, thanks for patrolling the soccer beat!
However, a reader who says he’s been a Rooney fan since his Everton days points out that Rooney scored that goal for Manchester United, against Manchester City. Isn’t spring training about to start?


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