We Stand With Scott!

Walker, that is. There will be a rally tomorrow, February 19, from noon to 3 p.m., on the East side of the Wisconsin State Capitol building in Madison to show support for Governor Scott Walker in his battle against the unions and Democrats who are milking the state dry. Here is the information; click to enlarge:
You can follow plans for the rally and indicate your intention to attend on Facebook. I can’t be there, but if you are within driving distance of Madison we urge you to show up and support fiscal sanity. Speakers will include Andrew Breitbart, Herman Cain, Jim Hoft and more to be named, so the rally will be entertaining, too.
ONE MORE THING: If we can’t do better signs than this, I will be disappointed! If you email photos of the event tomorrow and any especially clever signs to [email protected], we will put them up.


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