The whole world is still watching

As the unions staged their productions in Madison this week, shutting down school systems (for the children!) and seeking to intimidate Governor Walker et al., many of us turned to Patrick McIlheran’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column to understand what was happening.
This morning McIlheran returns with a timely history lesson on FDR’s opposition to public sector unions. McIlheran explains: “Walker, good Republican, is no FDR but he is offering Wisconsin a new deal, lower-case. Wisconsin’s been a seedbed of bad ideas since it hatched Progressivism, and for years it’s stuck with unionized government even as the price swelled.”
I called McIlheran this week to ask him how to follow events in Madison. I caught him on a busy day and he may have left out a few observers whom he would have included on further reflection, but he provided a good list. In light of the events scheduled today I am reposting his recommendations:

Right On (McIlheran’s own Journal Sentinel blog)
Journal Sentinel “political guys”
Badger Blogger
Blaska’s Blog (link fixed)
No Runny Eggs (look for Steve Egg’s posts)
WPRI blog (look for Christian Schneider’s posts; Schneider posted this video of events in Madison yesterday and also published this commentary in the Journal Sentinel)
Charlie Sykes

For a fuller understanding of the big picture, one of our readers reminded me of Professor Daniel DiSalvo’s National Affairs article “The trouble with public sector unions.” This is a good time to check it out if you haven’t already.
JOHN adds: Ann Althouse has been providing wall-to-wall coverage, too.


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