Legislative exile on main street

Ann Althouse points us to the timely new blog The “Badger 14”: Escape from Wisconsin. Althouse asks where those legislators in exile are staying:

Are they shacking up with Chicago friends? At what point do they stop looking Wisconsin enough? I see Nancy Pelosi is “very proud of what they’re doing.” I’m sure that will resonate with the people of Wisconsin who are watching and wondering what side to take.

As for the blog, she comments that it “explor[es] (with some legal sophistication) the idea of impeaching the absent legislators.”
UPDATE: One knowledgeable reader follows up on another of Althouse’s comments this morning:

I think that we must remain rhetorically (at least) focused on solving problems, not penalizing or bringing down unions. I am no lover of unions, though I believe there was a time when they played a vital and positive role in the development of our way of life and our surge to economic power. I also think that Walker’s success in Wisconsin will result in a changed game with the unions having less power, this is a very good thing. I just hope that our side remembers that there are many good and dedicated people in public service, as you noted the other day, 60 percent of Madison teachers did not walk out. We want and need these people in our tent.

Althouse’s related comment is here.


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