Emily Litella moments with Donald Rumsfeld

I would concede that humor has been a little lacking in my life as of late, but I thought that Andrea Mitchell’s interview with Donald Rumsfeld was funnier than Saturday Night Live in its prime. Andrea Mitchell had nothing on Emily Litella.

“You said there would be violins in Iraq.”
“Goodness, no, I said there would be violence in Iraq.”
“That’s not what Bob Woodward says.”

Okay, I made that up. But this derives from the interview:

“You used the word ‘trumped up.’ There was nothing trumped up. Colin Powell believed every word he said at the United Nations. the preside believed every word he said. everyone in the admin believed it. other governments believe it. Those in congress who looked at the intelligence believed it, and Democrats and Republicans like, you’ve read their statements.”
“You don’t take any responsibility — ”
“For what?”

When Andrea Mitchell does Emily Litella, however, there is no closure. She just plows on, oblivious to her own sanctimony and ignorance. You have to supply your own “Never mind.” Can I give this video two thumbs up by myself, or do I need to ask John to weigh in? It is a laugh riot.

The humor tails off in part 2 of the interview when Mitchell gives up trying to extract a confession from Rumsfeld, but it is accessible here.


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