From Cairo To Madison

Big Government posted this funny video of Communists in Madison, Wisconsin, who are convinced that the revolution is just around the corner. First Tunis, then Cairo, then Tripoli–and now, Madison! Christian Hartsock traveled to Wisconsin on behalf of Big Government and was invited to a meeting of the local chapter of the International Socialist Organization. Some of the Communists at the meeting turned out to be representatives of public sector unions.
The video actually reminds me of my youth; I attended meetings a lot like this. Very little has changed, although I don’t think the radicals of the 1960s and 1970s were quite this dim.
The young Communist who befriended Hartsock works at Noodles, and he explains his plan to expropriate the guy who founded, and runs, the company. The only other businessmen to whom the Communists refer specifically are–of course–the Koch brothers. They must be proud of the enemies they have made. Here is the video:

UPDATE: OK, here is one more: Liberals make fools of themselves inside the Capitol, dancing a sort of conga line. If only every American could see these goofballs in action!


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