Wisconsin Update

There might be a deal brewing in Wisconsin, as Governor Scott Walker notified unions today that 1,500 government workers will be laid off if a “budget repair bill” is not passed. But he also gave the unions 15 days to come to an agreement.
A Rasmussen poll released today shows Governor Walker’s popularity in Wisconsin declining, at 43/57. That’s probably not surprising. It would be interesting to see Badgers surveyed on how they view the fleebaggers. I’m pretty sure that would be considerably worse.
Meanwhile, while poll respondents tend to shy away from controversy, that doesn’t mean they have converted to the pro-tax increase side. Rasmussen also finds that 44 percent of Wisconsin voters want to see the state’s deficit closed through spending cuts alone, while another 8 percent want to see more spending cuts than tax increases. Only 5 percent want more tax hikes than spending cuts, while 5 percent–this is the truly hard core–want only tax increases.
In Washington, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis made clear that she thinks she heads the Department of Unions. On a conference call with the Communications Workers of America, she took the side of the most radical of the Wisconsin “protesters,” i.e., guardians of the status quo:

“I’m very excited to hear about the enthusiasm that’s going on in Wisconsin and around the country,” Solis said. “I am so inspired and proud of all of you, especially those who went down to Wisconsin and also around the country.”
On more than one occasion, Solis referred to herself as part of the pro-union, anti-Walker cause. “I say let’s keep fighting,” Solis said, “let’s stand up for all workers, and let’s mobilize and do what we do best, and that is to make sure that the American public understands that union rights are no different from human rights.” …
At the end of Solis’ remarks, Cohen, the CWA president, said, “I think all of us feel like those were historic words, for a member of the cabinet standing with us as clearly as you do, and, as you remind me, speaking for the president.”

Well, yes: President Obama stands with those who give him enormous amounts of money. No surprise there. As for Secretary Solis, she supports that small portion of the labor force which is unionized in opposition to the much larger portion which is not. Why? Because if you are a Democrat, that’s where the money is. The forces of reaction in Washington, D.C., are aligned with the forces of reaction in Madison, Wisconsin.


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