How can he keep from slinging?

In a memorable City Journal essay back in 2005, Howard Husock named Pete Seeger “America’s most successful Communist.” We haven’t heard from Seeger in a while — he is 91 now — but he’s back in the news supporting the cause of the Madison protesters, along with Barack Obama and Hilda Solis.
The AP actually sought Seeger out for his wisdom. Seeger, however, has lived a long life testifying to the proposition that only the wrong survive. The AP reports:

Seeger, who’s been singing since the Great Depression and released a record in 1942 titled “Talking Union,” said he was following the issue in Wisconsin.
“Without collective bargaining rights we’d be right back to primitive times,” Seeger said. “The average American, I think, looks upon unions as a standard way of doing business. Just like you pay rent, you pay taxes, you also get paid a decent wage because of unions. It’s not because of the generosity of the employer.”

As for the 93 percent of private sector employees lacking union representation, the struggle continues.


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