I’ve Got the Power

Greetings from Istanbul, Power Line! I’m your new guest host. John asked me to send a little bio to introduce myself, but come on, John, everyone knows who I am. I’m that journalist who lives in Istanbul with seven cats and secretly manipulates the world’s currency markets from her basement, also known as the Alexander Haig of Ricochet.
Don’t take my word for my influence, though. This description of my career just bobbed up on Google. I thought what it lacked in accuracy and grammar it made up for in esprit:

Turkey’s American-born ‘Islamophobe’ neocon author and writer, Claire Berlinski (married to German Jewish writer David Berlinski), who wrote in September 2010 that Mavi Marmara, which was attacked by Jewish thugs on May 31, 2010, murdering nine Turk aid workers – had nothing to do with humanitarian work. “They (Turk) do not know that there were no humanitarian supplies on the Mavi Marmara. They do not know the most rudimentary facts about Hamas. As one man said: “These are elected people. It’s not like they took over by force, via a coup”.
Last year Claire Berlinski writing for the neocon think tank Manhattan Institute (founded by former CIA director William J. Casey in 1978) City Journal (Spring 2010) had painted Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin being an ‘anti-Semite’ for discriminating wealthy Russian Jewish oligarchs. In her article entitled A Hidden History of Evil, she shows her self-denying Zionist nature once again.

Read the whole thing, as they say–except wait, I can’t give you the link. Turkey’s banned all of blogspot this week, so I had to locate that via a proxy server. Well, you’re not missing that much, unless you have a real taste for Slavic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. By the way, in case you’re confused, David Berlinski’s actually my father, and truthfully, I never said a word against gentle Vlad. I’m not nuts.
Anyway, speaking of banned wesbites, it’s Free Speech Week at Ricochet, where John Yoo praises SCOTUS in Snyder v. Phelps, and I try to explain to Turkey why the West gives them the hairy eyeball when they lock up their journalists.
I’m looking forward to enthusiastically exercising my free speech prerogatives here on Power Line in the coming months, where I’ve been assured I may talk about anything I like, except whatever it was that last guy talked about, which I guess is streng verboten.
JOHN adds: Welcome aboard, Claire! Don’t worry, you’ll be safe here. We’ve been on line since 2002 and haven’t suffered anything worse than denial of service attacks. One thing I forgot to mention before, though: we are sort of a web site California. You won’t be permitted to leave until you explain the guy with the parrot!


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