Iranian Rockets Aiding Taliban

The Telegraph reports that SAS forces in Afghanistan captured a convoy of three trucks that contained 48 hidden 122 mm rockets that were manufactured in Iran and were en route to the Taliban:

The haul is the strongest evidence yet of a significant escalation in Tehran’s support for the Taliban, military officials said.
The consignment of 48 rockets hidden in three trucks was intercepted last month after a fierce fire fight which left several insurgents dead in the remote southern province of Nimroz, bordering Iran. …
The 122mm rockets have twice the range and twice the blast radius of the Taliban’s more commonly used 107mm missiles and have not been seen in action against Nato forces for the past four years. … The rockets have a range of more than 12 miles and shower shrapnel to a radius of nearly 100 feet.

Iran has been in the business of killing American and allied troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan for some years now. It would be nice to do something about it.


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