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On Sunday I mapped out a series of brief posts about the new paperback edition of Surviving Hell: A POW’s Journey, by Medal of Honor recipient and Minnesota native Leo Thorsness, and I’ve been running the posts this week. The paperback edition includes a new introduction that I contributed to the book, and I therefore hope it is at least as successful in paperback as it was in hardcover.
March 15 was the scheduled publication date of the paperback edition, but Amazon was indicating yesterday that the book was only available for pre-order. I contacted Encounter Books publicist Lauren Miklos to ask for a clarification. Lauren advised me that an unexpected delay at the printer has set the publication date back to April 19.
When I started writing about the paperback edition on Sunday, it was ranked north of 600.000 in Amazon’s ratings for Books. Since I started writing about it this week, it has risen as high as 1,500 in Books and number 1 in books about Vietnam and the Vietnam War. It is at the moment ranked 3,252 in Books and number 3 in books about Vietnam and the Vietnam War. I believe this is almost entirely attributable to Power Line readers, whom I sincerely thank for their interest in the book while apologizing for the misfire on the publication date.
As a famous general once said, I shall return! I shall return next month to finish up my series of short posts on the book and ask you to consider purchasing it.
UPDATE: Reader Ron Bischof writes to advise that Surviving Hell “is available now in eBook format, including a version with Scott’s introduction. I’ve personally checked Apple’s iBooks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Those wishing to obtain the book now can read via eBook Readers, iPad and computers (Mac & Windows), avoiding the paperback publishing delay.” He comments: “I’m on page 90 on our iPad and concur it’s highly recommended reading. Mr. Thorsness is a national treasure and I look forward to sharing it with my three sons as an example of perseverance and honor.”


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