Presidential Leadership? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Today Marco Rubio and 22 other Republican Senators called on President Obama to show leadership by joining with the House and Senate in finding constructive solutions to the nation’s entitlement spending crisis. Perhaps the letter’s most interesting observation is this one:

Without action to begin addressing the deficit, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for us to support a further increase in the debt ceiling.

Obama, of course, has zero interest in showing leadership with respect to our fiscal crisis. His only interest lies in seeking political advantage, once Republicans go on record as favoring tough choices to prevent the national canoe from going over the financial waterfall. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Here is the letter; click to enlarge:
Yesterday Rush Limbaugh said that he wishes Marco Rubio would run for President. I think that would be premature in 2012, but, like Rush, I look forward to the day when Rubio can compete for the opportunity to be the GOP’s standard-bearer.


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