What Noose?

At the Tatler, Richard Perle makes a good point:

From the presidential theater of the absurd, Obama’s claim 10 days ago that he was “tightening the noose” around Qaddafi is right up there with Bush’s compliment to Michael Brown for doing “a heck of a job.”

Indeed. Noose? What noose? As we noted yesterday, the administration’s talk about Libya was unmatched by any deeds. Obama proclaimed that Qaddafi “must” go; Hillary Clinton said the situation was “urgent;” Obama claimed to be “tightening the noose.” Yet all the while, nothing was being done. If the truth was that the administration thought we had no vital interest in Libya, then why the tough talk, which, unsupported by action, could only make us look foolish? And if that was the administration’s view, then why, weeks late, did it join in the creation of a no-fly zone, seemingly at the precise moment when Qaddafi’s forces no longer have any need to fly?
To describe the Obama administration’s foreign policy as incoherent would be charitable.


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