The Thousand Hour Club

George O’Har is a Power Line reader who teaches in the English Department at Boston College and writes novels on the side. Boston College’s The Heights newspaper profiled Professor O’Har a few years back in “Secret lives of professors.” Professor O’Har’s latest novel has just been published this month via Amazon Kindle. Professor O’Har has supplied the following description:

The Thousand Hour Club is a story in which the main character, a gas-pumping drifter and college dropout, finds redemption after he enlists in the Air Force during the Viet Nam War. He does not go to Viet Nam. Instead, he is sent to the Army Language School in Monterey, California, where he is taught Arabic by an Iraqi ex-pat, who was snatched off the streets of Baghdad by the CIA. Eventually, the narrator finds himself in Athens, where he is able to reconnect to his, and by extension, America’s symbolic and spiritual past: the 5th century Athens of Socrates.
The novel also opens a window on America’s airborne reconnaissance effort (based on my own experience), something most Americans are unaware of to this day. TTHC is positive about the “American Project” (a term of ridicule when I was in graduate school); essentially, it is a novel in the tradition of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, or On the Road. And while the book is literary fiction, and serious, it is fast, funny and deceptively easy to read.
It is available on Kindle at Amazon here.

I invite readers to check it out.


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