“Strong Military Leader”? Of Course Not

Drudge is headlining this Reuters/Ipsos poll on how Americans view Barack Obama as a military leader. I think my answer would have been that he is not a military leader at all, but here is how responses broke down:
Strong and decisive: 17%
Cautious and Consultative: 48%
Indecisive and Dithering: 36%
Through pretty much all of American history, those numbers would have spelled doom, but I doubt that they are a particularly bad sign for President Obama. Few of those who voted for him thought they were electing a strong and decisive military leader, nor did most of them want such a leader. The 36% who consider Obama indecisive and dithering–a fair evaluation, I think–represents the portion of the electorate who find him wanting more or less across the board.
So one could say that this is an instance where Obama benefits from low expectations.


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