On the frontiers of brain science

Until I read Howie Carr’s Boston Herald column this morning, I had missed the big news from Brown University. Former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy has graciously accepted a two-year appointment as a visiting fellow at the Brown Institute for Brain Science, through the 2012-13 academic year.
Carr cruelly comments: “I guess the rocket-science school was full up. He is quite the scholar, of course.” Carr quotes Kennedy speaking on the floor of the House: ‘I myself have educated myself.'”
The Brown University press release advises that as a visiting fellow Kennedy will have an office at the institute’s headquarters, allowing frequent opportunities for discussion and collaboration with other institute members. He will also deliver two annual lectures on campus during his appointment.
So Kennedy gets the prestigious appointment to the Brown Institute for Brain Science, an office to hang out after he gets hitched — Carr reports that Kennedy is engaged to Amy Petitgout, the divorced mother of a 3-year-old girl — and the opportunity to collaborate with scientists working on the frontiers of neuroscience. He even gets an audience for his annual lectures.
The press release fails to answer only on question. What do those who attend the lectures get?
Via Lucianne.


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